Your Media Brand: Your Audience | Parsons x Teen Vogue Assignment.

For this course, the assignment is to look at your audience for your social media sites. So I choose to use this blog. So Far I have 208 views and 60 visitors with my 29 posts. My most popular day was on a Wednesday and My most popular hour was 11.00 PM. The most views I got in a day were 29 views on March 28th.

Not many people look at my blog but I know if I promote it more and post more I can get more followers and likes on my posts. So, eventually I’ll have a popular fashion website.

Here’s a look to where some of my audience comes from:

UPDATED: Here’s my Audience Insights from Pinterest:

I had early access to the Audience Insights on Pinterest and My numbers are a lot higher for this website because I post more often.

For Pinterest, my views are separated in categories from Age, Interests, Location, Device, and Gender. The Insights are more in depth. It also tells me how many monthly views I have and how many clicks and saves my posts get each week.

Most of my Audience come from Pinterest and the WordPress Reader and others from my links on Facebook, Instagram, and my Profile Page on my schools website.

By knowing this, I know where most of my posts are seen and what websites i need to promote my blog on more often so I can increase my overall Audience. The Audience Insights on both websites helped me a lot determining what I need to do to give my sites more exposure.


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