fashion | my luxury bag wishlist.

As I have come to learn more about fashion, I have also learned more about quality. In fashion school, we were taught the difference between how a high fashion brand’s item was made versus a fast fashion item.  Learning about this not only made me want to take better care of my items and but also save my money to buy the luxury items that I’ve always wanted that will also last a long time.

While I have been studying different brands, I have been saving pictures of items that I loved the most. From shoes, jewelry, clothes, and more.

So, here are some of the luxury handbags that I hope to purchase one day or that just inspire my style in some way!



Image result for rihanna custom dior bag


I have wanted this bag ever since I saw Rihanna wearing her custom one at an airport in 2018. She paired it with a casual outfit but still made it look high fashion. I want mine customized just like hers.


2.) 2000 NYLON PRADA MINI BAG $850.

Image result for nylon prada bag


This is a more vintage-looking early 2000’s styled bag that would go perfect with any outfit. I can imagine this paired with a classic outfit or pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. A lot like the picture of the outfit above. 




This bag looks a sort of like the Prada bag but more of a crescent shape. I started to get interested in these smaller bags when I saw them on different fashion mood boards on Tumblr.  This also gives me an early 2000’s vibe. Like a bag that would be carried in the movie ‘Mean Girls’. This is also a vintage bag that I can only find on TheRealReal. But, when paired the right way, it can still look very modern. Like it could have been made yesterday! A real classic piece.



Image 1 of Jacquemus Le Chiquito mini bag


Image 2 of Jacquemus Le Chiquito mini bag


This is a bag is an accessory that you literally see EVERYWHERE. Almost every celebrity or model has it. You may have seen it in a lot of funny memes recently mocking the size of it. But honestly, I’m not really the one to follow a trend but the more I’ve seen this bag, the more I’ve been interested in it. There really isn’t much that you would be able to fit in this bag but it’s so aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for a minimalist. It’s very convenient for a night out when you don’t want to carry much or when you want to wear an accessory that will add an expensive look to your outfit. 




Dior Oblique Saddle bag front view

This is another saddle bag that I absolutely love! With this one, I really love the details. From the ‘CD’ jewelry pendants on the handles to the pattern of the Dior logo all over the canvas to the grey/dark blue colors. It looks like a very high-quality bag that you would most definitely get a lot of compliments on.

There’s even a video on Dior’s youtube channel showing how their saddlebags are made. That’s very helpful for people who care about the sustainability of their items like I do or those who are just interested in how they’re made. 

Another great bag that would go amazing with my everyday outfits!

Overall, I’m always finding new items that inspire me whether it’s from Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Usually on mood boards that I end up putting on my own mood boards. It helps me set a plan to achieve my goals of actually purchasing these items one day instead of just dreaming about it. And as I am learning how to save money and how to make more quality purchases, these items will most definitely be on my list. I hope this inspires your mood boards too in some way!


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