fashion | my favorite items and looks from the Ivy Park x Adidas collection.

As soon as Ivy Park x Adidas was released, it was all anyone could talk about. It sold out literally immediately. I watched as people were scrambling and tweeting about wanting to buy their items in time so they wouldn’t be put in the “waiting room”. Even all of Bey’s celebrity friends were posting their big Ivy Park boxes all over social media.

I’ve only owned one item from Ivy Park which is a hat that I randomly found at Marshall’s for $10 last year. I haven’t styled it yet but now I may have some ideas after looking at this new collection.

So, here are some of my favorite pieces from the 2020 Ivy Park x Adidas Collection!



I really love how this matching set is styled. You can dress it up with heels like in the pictures or dress it down with sneakers. Also, the pants can be unbuttoned at the bottom. This is great for just a casual day or even going out.



IVY PARK Asymmetrical Jacket Maroon / Solar Orange GK4903

This look with the asymmetrical jacket is one of my favorites. Everything from the monochrome burgundy to the dress to match. This look perfectly shows how these pieces can be dressed up or down. You could pair this jacket with so many different items in this collection. 


IVY PARK Backless Cap Maroon / Solar Orange GK7379    IVY PARK Backless Cap Maroon / Solar Orange GK7379

I remember when a post about Ivy Park’s hats when viral on social media a while ago. People praised how these hats were made to fit natural hair. It was very convenient for people like me who always want to wear hats but can’t because their hair always gets in the way. And this hat eliminates that by making it backless. I can see hat paired with a real long high ponytail with one of the track jackets & dresses like Bey wore above. Or even with a leather jacket or an all back look with this hat being the pop of color.



IVY PARK Super Sleek 72 Shoes Cloud White / Maroon / Dash Grey FX3157          IVY PARK Super Sleek 72 Shoes Cloud White / Maroon / Dash Grey FX3157

With these shoes, I love the platform bottom and the orange around it that gives it a pop of color. I also really like the removable Ivy Park clip that comes with all the sneakers and a rubber lace on the back that will let you hang them up or clip them to your gym bag easier. Another piece that could already match your everyday wardrobe or with any other piece in the collection. 



      IVY PARK Asymmetrical Dress Maroon GK4904

This dress which I mentioned before is perfect for any occasion. I’ve always like hoodie dresses and this reminded me of that. I’ve always paired them with denim or leather jackets and boots. This one fits perfectly to your body and can be worn with heels to make it fancier or sneakers to make it more casual. I also really like the mesh sleeves. That really adds something different to this dress. 

What were some of your favorites from the collection?


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