thanksgiving outfit ideas: 2020

Here are some Thanksgiving Party looks that I created on Fashmates to inspire you this holiday!

These looks are what I think I would have worn this year. But these outfits are two different looks that feature similar essentials.

Look #1

This look includes a loose black sweater dress with a black leather jacket, and platform Chelsea boots with knee high socks to match.

Look #2

This look is a lot like the first look but instead of a dress and a leather jacket, this look has a black sweater with a leather skirt. Also, this outfit includes a pair of black patent leather Doc Martens and knee high socks with a mini backpack, sliver statement earrings, and a beret to match.

I think that both of these looks are perfect for the fall and great for any Thanksgiving party. Whether you prefer a dress or a skirt, Chelsea Boots or Doc Martens, hopefully these outfits can give you holiday inspiration in some way!

What was your favorite look?


Link to my Fashmates account:


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