gossip girl: one of the most iconic television shows ever

We are just days away from the premiere of the Gossip Girl reboot. When HBO Max announced that this show would be coming back, instantly, everyone had an opinion. Most people were against the idea of a new cast and had mixed feelings. Some were very excited that this show’s legacy would be continuing and even insinuated that it might be better than the original. I was skeptical. Gossip girl is most definitely on the list of my top favorite shows of all time. I have binged-watched this show many times in the past.

There have been so many hits and missies with reboots lately. I would hate for this to happen with Gossip Girl. It had one of the most talented casts ever, and many feel they never could be replaced. But, the series finale did set up the plot for a new group of popular upper east siders while the originals were adults living their own lives without Gossip Girl. When the trailer was released, I saw many fans changed their opinion and were excited about the reboot. There have also been many changes to the show. For example, there are more POC characters. Also, the showrunner, Josh Safran, said on Twitter that there are fewer “catfights” and “slut-shaming”. Also, the characters will wrestle with their “privilege” and not glorify wealth and lifestyles, unlike the original. This statement has even caused some controversy on social media. But, the more we discuss this legendary series, it has made me reminisce about the reasons why I feel Gossip Girl is one the most iconic television shows ever.

The Aesthetic

This show had the most desired aesthetics ever. It showed how glamourous the rich people of the upper east side lived. Every day was a fashion show for them, full of couture and high-end designers. They started their mornings with breakfast and champagne and took limos to school. Then, they ended their day with lavish dinners and parties at the most exclusive places. Money was never a problem. Who wouldn’t want to live this luxurious life!

The Drama

With an alert from Gossip Girl preparing to buzz at any moment, you never knew what to expect. Someone was always watching while knowing every single one of their secrets. The upper east siders never knew when they were going to be exposed. They even sent in tips all on their own. It was usually to deflect from their situations or to create even more drama. Even though we found out who Gossip Girl was at the end (I know we all are still not satisfied with the reveal lol), it was always an exciting moment when someone tried to figure out who it was. Like the episode when Serena attempted to take her down after graduation in the Season 2 finale. Or when Nate tried to put together the clues in Season 6. It was always a mystery. Also, who could forget those iconic drama-filled Thanksgiving episodes? I looked forward to those every season! 

The Relationships

Everyone had their favorite “ships” on this show. Whether it was Blair and Chuck, Serena and Dan, Nate and Jenny, Dan and Vanessa, Serena and Nate, etc. Blair and Chuck (Chair) were my favorite. I know they had problems, ALOT of problems. They always seemed to work it out in the end. In my opinion, I feel they had the best character development. From the first seasons, they are so much alike. Very shallow and unable to admit their feelings for each other. But I think what they went through in life brought them closer together. For example, Chuck coping with the death and reappearance of his father or Blair with her failed marriage and power struggle to always be on top of the social pyramid. They were able to move past their issues to become the upper east side’s best power couple.

Also, everyone had ships that they hated. For example, Blair and Dan (In my opinion, I don’t think this ship was that bad lol). There are always debates about who should’ve ended up together. But overall, what was most important was their friendship. They have fought, dated, and broken up with each other more times than we can count. But at the end, they were always there for each other no matter what. 

The Fashion

You can’t watch Gossip Girl without being mesmerized by their many looks. Every day there is someone still trying to recreate one of Blair or Serena’s outfits. I am most definitely one of those people. I’ve created a Pinterest board with all of my favorite outfits from the show. I’m even still searching for a look-alike of Blair’s wedding dress from the series finale today. Her and Chuck’s matching wedding outfits is probably my favorite look of the whole series!

The shows costume designer was Eric Daman. He will also be the costume designer for the reboot! In an interview, he mentioned that he wanted their outfits to look like a living fashion magazine. He made sure that each character had their signature style. Whether it was Blair’s headbands or tiaras, Serena’s sequins, or Chuck’s scarves, they were all unique. They always wore the top designers such as Chanel, Valentino, Ferragamo, Dior, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Louboutin, Oscar De La Renta, and Roger Vivier. Their looks were also very Parisian influenced since Eric always had a connection with Paris and has a degree in French Literature. We are very thankful to him for his work on this how because without his dedication to perfecting the many styles of these characters, we wouldn’t have so many iconic looks to take inspiration from today!

The Legacy

This show set the standard for many of the drama-filled series you watch today. Such as Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, and even the reboot of Dynasty is executive produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who were part of the creation of Gossip Girl! (It has also starred Kelly Rutherford, who played Serena’s mother). You can not watch these shows without referencing back to Gossip Girl. The fashion, fights, and chaos were all inspired by this legendary show. Also, the fact that this show ended in 2012 and there is still so much controversy and discussions surrounding it today shows that it truly made an impact on television history. No matter how many reboots or spin-offs come in the future, nothing will compare to the legacy that the original show has left.

In conclusion, these are all the reasons why I feel that Gossip Girl is one of the most iconic shows ever. From the aesthetic, drama, relationships, fashion, and it’s legacy. I do hope that the reboot will be interesting. I know it’s not easy for die-hard fans to get used to new things. But, I do feel that the reboot will have a unique twist while still respecting and paying homage to the original. Gossip Girl will forever be the blueprint!

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