my everyday fashion essentials

Everyone has their daily uniform. It is your everyday outfit that has your favorite fashion essentials that you can’t leave behind. It can be your favorite sunglasses, pair of shoes, hat, or necklace. It can even be your favorite hairstyle or makeup look! It is what makes your signature style! Today, I am going to show you the fashion essentials that make my everyday look! I usually wear these items to class or just during my usual outings, like going to the store. I always want my outfits to be comfortable yet stylish. I usually like to wear more basic colors with bold accessories. Also, I always try to find the most affordable stores to shop from stores such as MissguidedRoss Dress For LessBoohooAmazonOld Navy, Forever 21, or Rue21. 

Hopefully, this list will inspire your everyday style or help you create your own signature look!

My Everyday Fashion Essentials.

Basic and Graphic Tees

These shirts are the main essentials to my everyday look. There are so many ways that you can dress up or down a t-shirt. When styling basic tees, I usually wear them with a pair of blue or black jeans with one side tucked in to make it look more stylish. I wear the white and black ones the most. In the fall and winter, I will wear them with Chelsea or combat boots. In the spring and summer, I will wear them with sandals or sneakers. I usually get them from places like Walmart or H&M. I always buy the graphic tees oversized. You can wear them with anything like jeans, biker shorts, leggings, or even by itself if it is long enough. They are perfect for when you don’t have anything to wear and you something quick. I usually buy these shirts from thrift stores, Misguided, Boohoo, Rue 21, and Hot Topic. They will always be in style! 

Items Mentioned: Black Aaliyah Graphic Oversized Shirt, Black Poster Whitney Houston Graphic T Shirt

High Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans have become a staple in my wardrobe. I prefer them over low-rise jeans anytime. I first got interested in these jeans when I would look at style inspiration from the ’90s. I would go to thrift stores to find the perfect pair since I couldn’t find them in stores. Now since these jeans have become more popular, I can get them anywhere. My favorite brands are Levi’s or any high-quality brand I can find that is affordable in stores. I think they fit perfectly with any body type and will give your outfits an even more “chic” look.

Items Mentioned: Levi’s Tapered Balloon-Leg Jeans, Missguided Light Blue High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans

Biker Shorts

I just recently got into this trend. In the past, I didn’t understand biker shorts or how to style them correctly. But, after spending some time online shopping for new summer outfits, I found a lot of biker shorts on sale. During the summer, I hate wearing jeans. It is too hot to wear heavy fabrics. So this is a convenient way to stay cool in the heat and still look good. I style these shorts with oversized shirts. It’s also easy to wear on to go or even to class! They are very inexpensive. I even bought a shirt/biker short co-ord set from Missguided that matched my style. There are even great sets at Old Navy. I will most definitely be wearing these all summer!

Items Mentioned: Tall Pink Missguided Slogan T-shirt and Biker Shorts Co Ord Set, High-Waisted Long Biker Shorts for Women — 9-inch inseam


I feel like everyone has these shoes. No matter where you go, someone will have on a pair. I have been wearing these shoes since I was a child. I always wanted to get a new pair of shoes before the school year started. What I like about converse or chucks, as some people call them, is that they’re very comfortable and come in many different colors. I have about five different colors of these shoes. I hope to buy more shoes because they fit with every outfit!

Items Mentioned: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Neon Sneaker Neon Pink, Converse Black M9160 – HI TOP

T-Shirt Dresses

I also recently started wearing this trend. I’ve worn t-shirt dresses before but, I never realized how convenient they are now. As I mentioned previously, I don’t wear certain fabrics in the summer. So, this a become a go-to look for me. You can also dress these up or down. I have styled mines with a colorful mini scarf around my neck with gold jewelry! I even received compliments when I when out with this outfit. It’s has been a quick outfit that I’ve worn to class. I plan to get more of these dresses in different colors!

Items Mentioned: Plus Size Black Basic T-Shirt Dress, Sean John x Missguided Black American Football Mini Dress

Denim Jackets

I feel that everyone owns a denim jacket. I always liked the vintage-style ones that you could only find in consignment shops or thrift stores. I’ve had a denim jacket of every kind. From cropped, distressed, tie-dye, and I even wear a trench coat-style denim jacket at times. They make a great addition to any outfit, whether it’s casual or formal!

Items Mentioned: Levi’s® Women’s Ex-Boyfriend Trucker, Blue Oversized Denim Jacket

Personalized Necklaces and Hoop Earrings

I always love wearing jewelry. I use to wear bold statement necklaces all the time. Now, I wear more minimalistic jewelry. My favorites are personalized necklaces and hoop earrings. I always wear my “K” initial necklaces to represent my name. I recently bought a “1998” necklace for my birth year and a “Libra” necklace for my zodiac sign! For hoop earrings, I always wear either bamboo-style ones and just plain hoops. I bought this jewelry from Amazon. I also love to mix both gold and silver jewelry, even though some people don’t. You can always make it your own!

Items Mentioned: Birthday Year Necklace, 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Birth Year Number Pendant Necklace Memorable Anniversary Jewelry for Women Girls , Zealmer Retro 12 Zodiac Old English Letter Necklace for Women, SANNYRA Dainty Initial Necklace 14K Gold Plated Personalized 26 Letter A-Z Pendant Necklace for Women Girls


I just recently started to like ponytails. I never really thought they fit my face. But after looking at some inspiration, I love them. Some of my inspirations were Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Lemoie Anderson, and Adut Akech. I also got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. These ponytails are easy to do, and you can do them in different ways. You can add bangs, a middle part, headbands, and more! Also, they are a great protective style for your hair!

90’s Inspired Makeup

When I first started getting into makeup, I had no idea what I was doing. I searched YouTube tutorials and spent hours on Pinterest & Tumblr looking for inspiration. I soon connected with 90’s beauty. I love how simple and minimalistic it was. Everyone has sort of a matte face, natural eyebrows, and barely any contour. Also, my favorite, brown lipstick! Some of my 90’s makeup inspirations are Aaliyah, Nia Long, Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston, Iman, and Toni Braxton. They all had similar makeup looks to me that I always recreate. There also some people who still have that similar 90’s makeup look today. Celebs such as Ryan Destiny, Justine Skye, Alexa Demie, and Rihanna all emulate that look. My favorite makeup brands to get this look are Black Radiance, Black Opal CosmeticsFenty BeautyCovergirlElf, and Loreal Paris. Any makeup brand will work, but once you learn the 90’s makeup technique!

Chain Belts

Belts are another easy and stylish accessory that you can wear. I usually wear a black belt that matches every outfit. I also love the 90’s type belts like the one Janet Jackson wore in Poetic Justice. But lately, I have been wearing chain belts. I think these belts are a great way to dress up an outfit. I love the gold chain belts, and you can get them cheap at Ross. They can make you look more put together fast!

Items Mentioned: Gold Coin Chain Belt, Gold Layered Chain Belt

Tote Bags

I usually carry tote bags just for class. So, I never really needed them to be that stylish, just useful for school. But, recently, I’ve realized that they can be both. I bought a new one from Misguided, and I love it. I usually just bought mine from Walmart. This one was a little bit pricier for me, but it was still worth it. This bag looks like a replica of a Christian Dior bag that I’ve always wanted. It is very well made and goes great with my everyday style. I hope to buy more from them someday!

Items Mentioned: Pink Missguided Floral Plate Print Tote Bag (Currently Out Of Stock), Nude Branded Rope Logo Print Canvas Tote Bag

Mini Purses

Lastly, one of my favorite fashion essentials is mini purses. There was a lot of discussion around this trend when it first started because of its size. Many people didn’t see the point of these purses because they didn’t have that much space, but I like them. I don’t carry much in my bags. Also, I don’t want to carry huge purses, so this is perfect for me. The one that I have right now is from Steve Madden. It seems small, but It fits everything I need. For example, it fits my wallet and makeup. They have many different colors and were very inexpensive. They are easy to carry and make your outfit look more trendy. Also, I think these purses are for more of a fashion statement than for usefulness. For example, the controversial Jacquemus mini bag can barely fit anything but, it looks nice. I feel purses, like the Steve Madden one I have, can be used for both!


I own so many pairs of sunglasses. I feel that I have sunglasses that can match any outfit. Recently, I bought ’70s inspired sunglasses that are great for the summer from Amazon. I usually wear just simple black aviators for everyday styles. But, I also have heart-shaped(from Five Below), mini, circle, rectangular, retro sunglasses too! There are so many different styles of sunglasses that you can buy. They are a great way to give your outfit a unique look!

Items Mentioned: Vintage Retro 70s Sunglasses for Women Classic Large Squared Aviator Frame

So, these are my everyday fashion essentials! These items are what creates my signature look. It consists of basic & graphic tees, high-waisted jeans, biker shorts, converse, t-shirt dresses, and denim jackets. Including accessories, such as personalized necklaces & hoop earrings, chain belts, tote bags, mini purses, and sunglasses. Also, hair and makeup styles like low ponytails and ’90s inspired makeup. I’m wearing these items right now during the summer. As the cooler weather comes, a lot of my essentials are different. So, I will make sure to update this list in the fall and winter! I hope this list inspires you to create your signature style!

What are your everyday fashion essentials? Comment Below!
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