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Telfar has become all the hype this past year. From gaining popularity as a low-cost black-owned luxury bag to selling out in seconds. This brand was also mentioned in the “My Top 5 Favorite Black-Owned Brands” post in June! So, I thought I would show how I would style one. Telfar Bags come in so many different colors, and I thought the black one can go with any outfit. Black matches everything and is usually everyone’s go-to color. For this outfit, I thought the scene should be a day in the office. This is what I would wear as a casual look to the office.

First, I found a black lace camisole tee by Savage x Fenty. I wanted to find a professional way to wear a lingerie brand for a business casual outfit. Next, I found an oversized blazer that fits comfortably over the camisole without feeling bulky. It also goes it a chic look. Next, I picked out a pair of high-waisted jeans. This also fits well with the camisole tee because it looks kind of cropped, so you wouldn’t have to tuck it into your pants. Lastly, I found a pair of strapped heels. These are trendy right now. They are a great modern way to upgrade your office heels that will also look good for after-work outings or getting a drink with your friends! 

For hairstyles, I always imagined a sleek low bun with a middle part or a low braid. Kind of how Ryan Destiny styles her hair. For jewelry, I think any sliver hoops and a minimalistic necklace and rings would match nicely. Also, for makeup, I think nude makeup with a dark red or brown colored lipstick would look great too!

There are so many ways that you can style these luxury bags. They are very versatile, and they are coming out with new colors during every highly-anticipated release! I can’t wait to wear this outfit in real life when I can finally buy one of these bags!

How would you style this Telfar Bag? Comment Below?

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