my fall 2021 fashion wish list!

Fall is finally here! The weather is quickly becoming cool from the treacherous summer heat. We can now pull out our sweaters and long sleeves and hang up our shorts and summer dresses. Even though in some places, unfortunately, the mornings are cold but the evenings are still unnecessarily hot. (St. Louis! πŸ‘€) With the weather like this, you never know how to dress for the day. You might leave the house in the morning in a sweater and come back wearing a tank top. October can be very unpredictable sometimes!

But, I am still planning my fall and winter wardrobe! Now is when I go shopping for new outfit essentials that didn’t hold up from last autumn. I also get rid of old items that may not fit anymore or that are damaged. Lately, I have been thrifting for new jackets and long sleeve shirts. I’ve also been looking at a couple of websites for more trendy items. But, I always make sure that they are of quality and will hold up for many seasons to come.

So, here is my fall 2021 fashion wish list. These are some items that I plan to buy (or want to be gifted lol) for this season. This list includes some of my favorite outfit essentials like sweaters and high-waisted jeans. Also, some newer items or trends that I would like to try. These items are all from some of my favorite stores. I always make sure that these items are affordable and can fit most budgets! As a college student, saving money is always my main priority!

I hope this list gives you some inspiration for your fall wardrobe this season!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Meaning, I may receive a small commission for purchases or clicks through one of my links in this post, which can help me to keep this blog running! This post is not sponsored by any brand and is 100% my personal opinion! Thank you so much for your support!*

My Fall 2021 Fashion Wish List!

1.) Velour Slip-Style Dress $14.99

When fall arrives, one of the first items I put up is my summer dresses. Slip dresses are usually my favorite to wear during the summer but not so often in the fall. The thin silk fabric can sometimes be an issue in cooler weather. But, this dress is the perfect substitute! This is a great summer-to-fall transition dress. Since it is a velvet fabric, it will be a lot warmer and more convenient to wear. Also, it is a great way to bring more a little bit of color into your wardrobe if you wear neutral colors, like I do in the fall. I will be purchasing this dress very soon!

Link to Dress:

2.) Ribbed Cardigan $12.99

One thing I love about fall is getting to wear my sweaters and cardigans again. They always add something extra to your outfit. This cardigan is great for that! The orange color is perfect for the season, while the cardigan is simple and easy to wear with any outfit. I can wait to wear this!

Link To Cardigan:

3.) Faux Leather Cell Phone Bag $9.99

One item that everyone needs in their wall wardrobe is an accessory. Handbags are my favorite accessories, and this one really stood out to me. It’s not only a great addition to your outfit but a useful one! It holds your cell phone and cards too! This is great when you’re on the go and may not want to carry a heavy bag. You can just take your essentials. Also, pastel purple is a unique pop of color to wear in the fall. Along with the crocodile texture on the front!

Link To Bag:

4.) ASOS DESIGN High Rise ‘Lift and Contour’ Skinny Jeans In Midwash $45.00

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans no matter what the season is. I feel that most people, like myself, have a hard time finding the right ones. I thought that these jeans were different than the usual pair that everyone wears. These were made to fit your body type while accentuating your curves. I feel that these can match with any outfit, whether you want to dress casual or even formal!

Link To Jeans:

5.) Black Chunky Sole Pull On Boots $44

Black Cleated Sole Essential Chelsea Boots $29

The last item on my wish list is boots! Boots are another favorite item that I like to wear during fall. Combat and Chelsea boots are my go-to’s! These shoes are essential to my everyday outfits because I can literally wear them with anything! They will instantly make my fall outfits look better no matter what! These boots are a bit more expensive than the other items on this list but still are great quality shoes that will never go out of style!

Link To 1st Pair of Boots:

Link To 2nd Pair of Boots:

Again, I hope that you got some inspiration from my fall 2021 fashion wish list! You can buy these exact items or even go out and find something similar. Maybe you have some of these items in your closet already! You can always add these items to your style and give it your own unique touch. There are so many ways that you can upgrade your wardrobe this season! I will most definitely be following my own advice and purchasing these items for my wardrobe this fall!

What Are Your Fall Fashion Essentials? Comment Below!


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