thanksgiving 2021 outfit ideas

It is that time again, Thanksgiving! We have begun to count down the days until we get to eat turkey and spend time with our family and friends! Another thing we all look forward to is planning our Thanksgiving outfits. I always see people joke about what they’re going to wear to their dining room table, and honestly, I do the same thing. Even though I am also just getting dressed to eat dinner in my living room, I still want to look my best. So, here is a look that I created that I feel would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Whether it’s just dinner at your house or a night out with your friends afterward. This outfit is great for any occasion!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Meaning, I may receive a small commission for purchases or clicks through one of my links in this post, which can help me to keep this blog running! This post is not sponsored by any brand and is 100% my personal opinion! Thank you so much for your support!*

I feel that this outfit would be great for Thanksgiving! This look gives off the perfect holiday vibe. To start off, I picked a green velvet blazer that reminded me of the fall and winter seasons. Next, I wanted to find a skirt that was a different texture than the blazer. So, I picked a faux leather skirt with a belt and gold buttons that complemented the blazer well. For the shirt, I picked a black lace-trimmed camisole. I originally wanted it to be velvet like the blazer but, this one matches just as great. Then, I choose the accessories. For the purse, I decided to play around with textures again. So, I picked a bag with a teddy bear-like material. For the shoes, I found faux leather over the knee boots. These boots match perfectly with the mini skirt since they are both made of the same material. Lastly, I choose hoop earrings from Coach. I have wanted these earrings for a while so, I thought I would add them to this look!

I hope this outfit can give you some inspiration on what you can wear this Thanksgiving! I wanted this outfit to be convenient no matter what your holiday will be like. I included links to the items mentioned below if anyone wants to check them out! Also, I added some alternative items just in case that item sells out or you may want to try out something different. I hope that everyone finds their perfect outfit for this holiday season! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

What Are You Planning To Wear This Thanksgiving? Comment Below!


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