what I got for christmas 2021

For today’s post, I am sharing what I got for Christmas! These are gifts that I got from my mom this year! We always have a tradition to buy gifts for each other and open them early on Christmas Eve! I am happy and grateful for everything that I received. So, check out what I received below! Also, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

1.) Kensie Dusty Pink Belted Corduroy Fedora Panama Western Hat

I picked out this gift from Ross Dress For Less, and my mom bought it for me. I loved the pink color, and I thought it would match well with many of my winter outfits.

2.) UGG Fluff Yeah Slides

This is another gift that I picked out from Ross Dress For Less. I have always liked these shoes, and I didn’t expect to find them in the store. The color really stood out to me, and I know that I will find a unique way to style them!

3.) Lounge Set

I was surprised with this lounge set that I know will be perfect to wear around the house!

4.) LED Beauty Ring Light

I was not expecting this gift at all! I bought the same thing for my mom for her present this year! We were both surprised that we bought each other the same present. This has literally never happened before, lol.

5.) Gift Card

Lastly, from my mom I received a gift card that will be very useful for me to buy what I need before classes start back!

6.) BP Pick-a-Pom Beanie

I also received this gift from the Nordstrom Ambassador Program that I joined back in August!

7.) Sunglasses

I bought these sunglasses as a present for myself from Five Below!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, and I can’t wait to make more content for the New Year! Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays, Everyone!

What Was Your Favorite Gift That You Got This Year? Comment Below!


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