joah beauty: a makeup & skincare product review

For the next item in my beauty review series, I’m reviewing the skincare brand Joah Beauty! I was introduced to this brand from Campus Trendsetters Back to College Kit. This kit had many makeup products and household essentials to help students in the fall semester. I received three products from this brand. The Heal Me CICA Blurring & Cooling Primer, Sugar Doctor Lip Renewal Mask, and the Sugar Doctor Lip Scrub. 

About Joah Beauty

Joah Beauty is a makeup and skincare brand from Korea. According to their website, JOAH means “I like it” in Korean. They take everything you like from Korean Beauty and bring it to all parts of your makeup routine, from prep to finishing touch. They believe every beautiful look starts with a healthy base. K-Beauty is famous for innovative skincare routines that pack the most effective natural ingredients into luxurious formulas to give you luminous skin. They want to stop the gatekeeping with expensive, hard-to-find skincare and make Korean Beauty accessible for everyone.

Their products are also vegan and cruelty-free!

The Products

Sugar Doctor Lip Scrub – $10

First, this product is described as hydrating scrub that gently buffs, exfoliates, and smooths dry, flaky lips. It is peach-scented and infused with hydrating shea butter.

I loved this lip scrub! It works really well and makes my lips extra smooth. There was literally no dead skin left after I was done. It’s not too abrasive or rough for my skin like most lip scrubs. Also, the peach scent smells great, and I’m not fond of peach-scented products. It’s great to use before putting on lipstick too.

I will most definitely use this scrub more often!

Rating: 5/5

Sugar Doctor Lip Renewal Mask – $10

This is the perfect follow-up product to use after the lip scrub. According to their website, this is a lip renewal mask infused with jojoba oil to hydrate, cooling peppermint oil to soothe cracked lips, and melted sugar to retain moisture. You can leave it on overnight for intense repair or apply it throughout the day to give dry lips a hydration boost.

This product really helps to keep my lips moisturized all day long! I have always struggled to find a lip product that works for me, and this one is amazing. I use it right before bed as a mask or throughout the day when my lip feels dry. It truly works every time! My favorite part is the cooling peppermint effect which feels great.

This is something I will buy again for sure!

Rating: 5/5

Heal Me CICA Blurring & Cooling Primer – $13

Lastly, this product has been a great addition to my makeup routine! Their website states, this primer helps to regain balance for irritated skin. You can wear it alone for a soft-focus effect or before makeup for a smooth canvas. It also has a delightful cooling sensation as it works to calm redness with a powerful blend of aloe vera and Centella Asiatica.

I actually liked this primer! At first, I couldn’t really see the blurring effect that much, but I just had to apply enough on my face to see a slight difference. I also wear it alone when I don’t want to wear makeup. Again, my favorite part is the cooling sensation! It feels so refreshing and soothing. I could literally feel it in my pores. It also clears any redness and makes my face feel so soft.

This is a product that I need to use a little longer to really see the blurring effect, but just for the cooling sensation, I wouldn’t mind buying again!

Rating: 4/5

Overall, I really like Joah Beauty’s products. They have made a great addition to my everyday skin and makeup routine. They are also affordable! I recommend this brand to others, and I can’t wait to try out more of their products!

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