my fall 2021 fashion wish list

Fall is finally here! The weather is quickly becoming cool from the treacherous summer heat. We can now pull out our sweaters and long sleeves and hang up our shorts and summer dresses. Even though in some places, unfortunately, the mornings are cold but the evenings are still unnecessarily hot. (St. Louis! 👀) With the weather like this, you never know how to dress for … Continue reading my fall 2021 fashion wish list

what’s in my bag? items you should carry everyday

I love watching YouTube videos of celebrities showing what’s in their purse. It has always been interesting to see what items people use in their everyday lives. These videos always introduce me to new products that I did not know I needed. So, today I thought I would share what is in my bag. But in a blog post instead of a video, lol. As … Continue reading what’s in my bag? items you should carry everyday

my everyday fashion essentials

Everyone has their daily uniform. It is your everyday outfit that has your favorite fashion essentials that you can’t leave behind. It can be your favorite sunglasses, pair of shoes, hat, or necklace. It can even be your favorite hairstyle or makeup look! It is what makes your signature style! Today, I am going to show you the fashion essentials that make my everyday look! … Continue reading my everyday fashion essentials